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- Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

- Access Control & Time Attendance System

- Visitor Management System

- Electric Fences

Integrated Security System 

Poly Venus offers the latest revolution in Digital IP CCTV, surpassing even Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems. PVS offers complete IP based CCTV system, that allows full integration to other security based systems; which allows automation and provides a single point of interface for the security users to monitor a secure facility.

The Access Control System amd Visitor Management System available from PVS including of card and biometric technology, is able to be connected to ordinary computer networks. Employing a local processor and local memory for each controller, it allows fast processing of access rights. In-built Ethernet connection ensures high speed data transfer rates between the Host and the Door Controllers. To further extend the usage of the Access Control System, PVS is cater to supply and integrate the system into Gate Automation as well as Visitor Management System. Card technologies supported includes, contact, contact-less and long range microwave cards.

Electric Fence System to enhance your premises overall security. Its a layout of protection, acted just like a 24 hours petrol guard; to deter intruders, alarm the security with Siren and Strobe Lights. It is getting common for residential or commercial implementation


There are numerous other system can be integrated into the solutions. Please contact our office for further inquiry.

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