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- Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

- Access Control & Time Attendance System

- Visitor Management System

- Electric Fences

Theme Park Ticketing System

Poly Venus provides proven solutions of Theme Park Ticketing System. The core of the system comprise of numerous features such as


  • Web management for reporting, pre-schedule of packages price, condition and etc

  • Multiple layer of access level

  • Bulk purchase process

  • Numerous protection logic to prevent human error

  • Record the origin of visitor for marketing analysis purpose

  • Client Server base, or isolated Site with daily update of transaction via internet, VPN or others

  • Integrate with numerous difference hardware to adapt to latest technology

  • Ready for high level integrate with other system


The Theme Park Ticketing System can be customized according to users requirement, and its currently operating at the most prestigious site in Kuala Lumpur.

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